30 Fascinating Paint Colors For Bathrooms - SloDive

You can play with Paint Colors For Bathrooms to create different moods, from soothing, to dramatic, to exciting, and so on.

Coordinating the colors in the bathroom is a good idea. If you have ornate bath fittings, try neutral shades for the walls, such as light or dark beige. For warm wood fittings, go for white walls that add a dramatic contrast. Blue is a soothing shade for the walls that can...

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Bathroom Marble Accent Tiles Design Ideas - DecorPad

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Placed on white marble herringbone floors tiles, a marble top 2 leg nickel washstand is fitted with a polished nickel faucet kit positioned in front of antiqued mirrored accent wall tiles framing a Artistic...

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Tile Ideas for Showers - About.com Home


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 If you are considering adding a tile shower or renovating an existing one, there are many more options to choose from than the ordinary porcelain or ceramic wall tile we're all familiar with, and different ways to install them beyond the ordinary grid pattern seen in so many bathrooms. 

Many of your options will involve newer materials...

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Hidden Spaces in Your Small Bathroom | Bathroom Ideas ...

Designing a small bathroom can be a big challenge, but it's no time to be timid. Creating space, or even the illusion of space, often calls for confident paint, wallpaper and tile choices, not to mention occasionally punching a hole in the wall or hiking a vanity cabinet off the floor. Los Angeles designer Sarah Barnard shares some smart strategies that can help you find the hidden space in your...

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Interior color and design for your home | House colors ...

I specify colors for paint, tile, carpet, countertops and all surfaces, to create a unified and dynamic effect for your interior world.

Helping with the selection and placement of fabrics, window coverings, lighting fixtures, furniture and artwork, we re-create your space with what you have, or improve it with smart economical additions.

I hope you will enjoy viewing the difference Art First made...

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