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The Reclaimed Tile Company is the largest supplier of antique encaustic tiles in the UK. With a wide selection of highly colourful and decorative  Spanish , Italian and French  tiles, they're perfect for everything from...

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Date: 2017-02-18 10:57:10
Website: http://www.reclaimedtilecompany.com

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Antique flooring from reclaimed pine and oak floorboards ...

Wood Plank


English Salvage are one of the foremost suppliers of reclaimed flooring in the UK. �Many Design Companies throughout Britain use us to supply�reclaimed wood for shop fits and bar and�restaurants projects, for use as flooring, bar and counter construction and wall cladding.� We have also supplied large quantities of reclaimed wood for film set construction, but we are equally happy to supply small quantities for domestic applications.� Although reclaimed wood makes up the bulk of our flooring sales we also sell other types...

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Website: http://www.englishsalvage.co.uk

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