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Ceramic tiles serve as an affordable and versatile alternative to more expensive countertop materials, such as granite or marble. While installing ceramic tiles across the surface of a new countertop is a relatively simple process, using standard tiles along the edges of the countertop leads to hard, sharp corners. Explore the different edge treatments available...

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BULLNOSE – American Bullnose

Bullnose for Every Tile!

Our Process can accommodate any field tile, any size, any texture, any finish, any dimension, any side, any bullnose width, and any quantity. Yes, we can! Our Process begins with our custom-made, high-speed machinery and adds our proprietary color- and finish-matched glaze before entering our re-firing phase where we achieve a factory-grade (or better) appearance on all...

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Homelux USA

Cost effective alternative to bull nose tile

Made in Great Britain

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PVC Supergloss Tile Trims

Homelux SuperGloss Quadrant is the glossiest tile trim available, thanks to a new patented* process. It provides a perfect 3-way corner when used with a corner piece.

Complements high gloss ceramic tile perfectly

Matching corner pieces

Quick and easy installation - no mitering...

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Tile Ideas for Showers - About.com Home


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 If you are considering adding a tile shower or renovating an existing one, there are many more options to choose from than the ordinary porcelain or ceramic wall tile we're all familiar with, and different ways to install them beyond the ordinary grid pattern seen in so many bathrooms. 

Many of your options will involve newer materials...

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