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Whether you need a special shape or a specific image, we can make your vision come to life with a custom ceiling tile solution.

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Need to improve your aesthetics while maintaining the architectural integrity of your space? Our decorative ceiling tiles can be printed on translucent, light-backed ceiling tiles, or fiberglass, sound-dampening ceiling tiles. Custom solutions are always available.

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Acoustic CEILING Tile

Lightweight, low...

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Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installers, and Tapers ...

Drywall and ceiling tile installers, and tapers, work with many different types of tools.

Drywall and ceiling tile installers hang wallboard and install ceiling tile inside buildings. Tapers prepare the wallboard for painting, using tape and other materials. Many workers both install and tape wallboard.


Drywall and ceiling tile installers, and tapers, typically do the following:


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noisestopper suspended ceiling soundproofing panels

Non-flammable with a Class 0 fireproof rated foil finish

No mess

Provides a sound blocking value of at least 14dB

soundproofing: Noisestopper - Acoustic ceiling pads for above suspended ceilings


Noisestopper Acoustic Pads are designed as an easy to install sound blocking insulation that can be laid on top of suspended ceilings.


Noisestopper Acoustic Pads are designed as...

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Celotex ceiling tile has been around for decades. It is the ceiling tile of choice for hospitals, schools and other public buildings where noise is a big problem. Architects around the world choose Celotex for not only its beauty and durability but also because of the superior acoustic rating of Celotex ceiling tiles. Also, because a Celotex drop in ceiling is modular in nature, a damaged or...

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Easy Install Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles (2'x4'), White only $13.95

Black, brass, bronze, copper, aged copper and nickel colored panels are durable solid colored styrene. Achieve the same look with these faux panels�as metal panels for a�fraction of the cost. Plus you can...

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Ceiling Tile Answers - FAQ American Tin Ceilings

Do you sell light ring covers for recessed lights?

What is the actual size of your tin panels?

All of our tin ceiling panels measure 24" x 24" and cover 4 sq. ft. The Nail-Up panels are 24" + a 1/4" nail rail. Our Drop-In panels are 23 3/4" x 23 3/4" and fit all standard 15/16" grids with a 2'x2' (24" x 24") suspension system.

What size patterns do you offer?

We offer 6", 12" and 24" patterns...

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Concealed grid ceilings - ROCKFON North America - stone ...

Concealed grid ceilings

A concealed grid ceiling system can be suspended, directly fastened, or glued to the soffit

With no visible grid, they provide a concealed appearance and can integrate service installations such as lighting, ventilation and smoke detectors.

The following edge types can be used to create a concealed grid ceiling.

DMT (Direct Mount)

When you need to bond tiles directly...

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Acoustical Materials - Easy Install Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles ...

Eco-Absorber panels, Fabric Wrapped wall panels, Scrim Wrapped panels,?? Quilted curtains and panels,Perforated panels


NOISE??Deflect noise by using:

Barrier or Quilted Panels.??(See product descriptions below.)??


Acoustic Decoupler, Kellett pads, Noise Control Barrier?? Isolation hangers and bases??(See product descriptions below.)??


??by using or??NOISE...

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What is a Suspended Ceiling? (with picture) - wiseGEEK


Post 5

My basement has a suspended ceiling. This is good for hiding pipes and other unsightly necessities. Also, it's a great way to block out the sound of my brother's band when they practice down there.

Oh, I can still hear them, but not nearly as well as I could if they practiced in any other room of the house. The acoustical tiles keep most of the noise down in the basement where it...

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Decorative Sound Absorbing Panels

Intro: Decorative Sound Absorbing Panels

What better way is there to spend an afternoon, than having your kids help upgrade the performance of your home theater?  If you're a geek dad, the list ...


Step 1: How They Work

In a room with hard, flat surfaces, sound tends to do nasty things.  Mostly, it bounces around and hits your tender eardrums multiple times from different angles.  It...

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Office Partitions - Office Refurbishment - Suspended ...

Moore Interiors Wales Limited specialise in industrial, commercial and domestic refurbishments, and consist of three market facing businesses. Moore Interiors offers you a total interior fit out package delivering traditional values with innovative design and construction solutions.

Office Partitions - Office Refurbishment - Suspended Ceilings - Commercial Refurbishment - Shopfitting


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