Waterproof Ceiling Tiles and Ceiling Panels

Waterproof Ceiling Tiles - Water Resistant, Moisture Proof, Moisture Resistant Ceilings


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Waterproof Ceiling Tiles

We all know that maintenance on drop ceiling tiles or suspended ceiling panels can be tedious and expensive when using "traditional" products from Armstrong or USG. It's a never ending cycle of replacing them and dealing with mold, water...

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Website: http://waterproofceilingtiles.com

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Thermoformed Ceiling Tiles (2'x4'), For Refacing and Grid ...

Aged Copper, see 2'x4' of each design:?? 204 , 207 , 209 , 309 , 320 , 321


(request style# & color) or call 1-800-964-8961

?????????? Free??samples (recommended as colors can vary in monitors)

White & black 2x4 panel only $13.95. Brass/Bronze/Copper/Aged Copper/Nickel $19.95.

Installation and Information Videos

1. Allusions?? thermoformed tin style panels replicate the look of metal panels.??...

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Date: 2017-02-14 19:37:10
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